The board is the governing body of the association. It is obligated to represent the interests of the association. The board consists of at least three and a maximum of seven people, each fulfilling different functions.

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Internal commissioner
  • External commissioner

To become a member of the board, an application process will take place first. When someone is then accepted into the board, that person will be assigned one of the functions within the board by the general member meeting (GMM). This person will then fulfill this function for a year.

At the beginning of that year, the board will draw up a policy plan, in which the policy and specific goals for that year will be described. During the board's term, the board will follow this policy and try to achieve the goals. In addition to fulfilling the tasks and achieving objectives, it is also important that the board has an active and accessible image, so that its role as a point of contact for members is fulfilled as well as possible. Therefore, it is important that the board is involved in the activities organized by the committees. In addition to the responsibility for managing the association, there are also some activities for which the board is responsible, such as the social drinks.

Once a week, the board will update each other on ongoing affairs through a board meeting, so that they can continue to collaborate well with each other. Throughout the year, the board will also inform the members of the association about the state of affairs through multiple general member meetings (GMM). In addition, attending or authorized members have the right to vote on important decisions within the association during the GMM. They can vote on matters presented at the GMM, among other things by the board.

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