External Commissioner

External commissioner

The external commissioner is responsible for establishing and maintaining all external contacts of Equilibrium. Additionally, the external commissioner will review the contracts between Equilibrium's sponsors throughout the year. These contracts will be improved and/or extended as necessary, and the external commissioner will be in contact with these companies and may visit them when necessary. Furthermore, the external commissioner will be responsible for finding new sponsors and will adhere to the agreements made with the respective sponsor. This can include promoting activities or recruiting members for the company. The external commissioner will also ensure that Equilibrium members can benefit optimally from what a sponsor has to offer.

Additionally, there are a number of points to consider if you want to become the external commissioner, which are qualities or tasks that you can work on or that can be seen as strengths when you are external:

  • You can present yourself professionally to a company
  • You enjoy making new contacts and maintaining contact with companies
  • You want to learn or can see what Equilibrium can offer a company or what a company can offer Equilibrium.

If you recognize yourself in one or more of the above-mentioned points and you are interested in working with sponsors outside of Equilibrium as the external commissioner next year, do not hesitate to email your application to bestuur@studievereniging-equilibrium.nl. For questions, personal advice, or a chat, you can also always email Leroy (current external commissioner) at extern@studievereniging-equilibrium.nl.