The student life is perhaps the most beautiful time of your life. However, the studying period at ILST is not long-lasting, and it will pass by faster than you think. You will continue studying in another program, work, or maybe even go abroad. The people you have met during your student years will become less visible, and contacts may fade away. The ILST alumni can be consulted to provide guidance in making a choice between further studies or entering the workforce.

Statera is the association for former members of Equilibrium. We were established in 2015 to maintain solidarity and connections. Various activities are organized annually for both alumni and students. During these activities, you have the opportunity to reconnect with people from your student years, as well as meet other former members of Equilibrium from different years or programs.

As an alumni association, we organize a minimum of four activities per year. Some of these activities are organized in collaboration with Equilibrium. In addition to these events, we offer a network of inspiring, talented, and/or successful former Equilibrium members both nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in becoming a member, want to get a feel for the atmosphere, or know other people who might be interested in Statera, do not hesitate to email us at